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Why European-Style Garage Doors Can Help Improve Curb Appeal

By Stefon Miller | | 0 Comments

Having a safe and secure space to store vehicles is essential. That’s why garages are critical for all properties. However, basic or run-down doors make garages visually unappealing. Fortunately, there’s a quick fix for this problem. Discover how European-style garage doors can help improve curb appeal now!


What Are European-Style Garage Doors?

European-style garage doors embody various architectural designs and can range from cottage to luxurious appearances. Of course, styles depend on the door materials. For example, steel doors offer an industrial style, while wood doors are more rustic.


The mechanical elements of European garage doors include a single panel that a robust steel frame secures. It also swings up in an arc. Furthermore, the doors have lift mechanisms with extension springs that are typically on each side of the door. In simple terms, European garage doors embody an “up-and-over” model.


Importance of Curb Appeal

Curb appeal refers to the general appearance of a property’s exterior. The appearance allows prospective buyers or anyone walking past the house to understand the quality of the home. It can also serve as a preview of aesthetics or property style. Curb appeal is more than a home’s architecture. Things like landscape, colors, lawn decor, doors, and mailboxes also affect curb appeal.


Besides the homeowner’s duty to maintain their home’s exterior, developers and real estate agents should also beautify the space. Simple initiatives like routine lawn care and installing new fixtures can enhance the home’s appearance.


Boosting Curb Appeal With European Doors

As we mentioned, good curb appeal increases the perceived value of homes. Potential buyers assume the inside of a property looks just as good as the outside. This can lead to a higher return on investment and competitive offers.


When it comes to boosting curb appeal, you need features that make your property stand out from other properties on the market. Fortunately, European doors offer high aesthetic value. They’re gorgeous, functional, and excellent investments for properties. In particular, European-style garage doors can transform homes by elevating curb appeal. Below are some of the ways this charming feature can make a difference.


Appears Sleek and Modern

European garage doors contain certain traditional design elements, like stone arches and asymmetrical facades. Some people associate these features with classic or rustic aesthetics. However, there are different types of European garages. You can find elements that play into the classic look, but most European garage doors offer a sleek and modern appearance.


In fact, sleek and modern are defining characteristics of European-style fixtures, especially doors. As homeowners move toward contemporary styles, they need an exterior that fits their aesthetic. When you incorporate European elements into a property’s exterior, you instantly elevate the building’s style.


Matches the Home’s Exterior

Cohesiveness is key for homes’ exteriors. However, some property developers neglect certain aspects of exterior design. Garage doors are just as important as entrance doors! When you install a European-style door, the fixture can match a home’s aesthetic. It can tie the entire home look together or add extra pizzazz to the space. Remember to choose materials and colors that complement the property.


Restores the Home’s Aesthetic

Regardless of the property, wear and tear eventually happen. Fortunately, specific fixtures can enhance homes when people need an update. In particular, European-style garage doors can help improve curb appeal by restoring the home’s aesthetic. Simply put, replacing a declining garage door can restore a home’s original beauty and overall style.


The simple upgrade is perfect for real estate flipping, as attractive garage doors can entice buyers. After all, they’re a significant part of a property’s exterior. The doors can support existing home design and make a lasting impression on people.


Upgrades the Entire Exterior

As we mentioned, European garage doors can match a home’s aesthetic. However, these doors can transform properties, too! Whether you bought or built a property, a new garage door offers a refreshing touch with new texture, material, color, and style. You can seamlessly transition a property into a new aesthetic with exterior fixtures like a European-style garage door.


Defines Spaces

Without a different color or a design plan, a garage and home can blend (or clash). This is a disservice to the beauty of the property’s architecture and design style. When you choose a European door, the contrasting (or complementary) hues can accentuate the details in the garage and home’s exterior. It allows you to define the property’s space and emphasize the design details that make the garage unique.


Another Advantage of European-Style Garage Doors

Although we emphasize the curb appeal of European garage doors, it’s important to mention one of their key advantages. The doors have thermal insulation that keeps garages warm. This means they are not only beautiful but also improve a property’s functionality. This feature can please current homeowners or potential buyers.


Are European-Style Garage Doors Worth It?

European-style garage doors are totally worth the investment! They’re practical additions to properties and offer a luxurious appearance. In terms of curb appeal, installing a new garage door is a simple task with dramatic results. You’ll attract people to properties as they enjoy the exceptional beauty of a European door.


What’s the Price?

European-style garage doors are more expensive than American doors because of their exceptional quality. Most Euro garage doors are between $2,8000 and $3,5000. The structures include galvanized steel sheets and CFC-free polyurethane foam that contribute to their heavy-duty nature. Although robust materials increase the price of doors, they’re practical contributions to properties.


Design Tips for Garage Curb Appeal

Regardless of the colors and extra design elements you use to transform a property’s garage door, remember to follow these tips to make garage doors and exteriors cohesive.

  • Create a sense of balance with a European-style garage door that complements other features on a home’s exterior. For example, match the shutters, front door, and trim with the garage.
  • Create a contrast between the garage door’s and home’s color to enhance its design. This tip also ensures the garage will stand out tastefully.
  • Emphasize the garage’s strong features with design choices that draw attention to its best elements. For example, upgrade light fixtures or trim around the garage door.

Why European-Style Garage Doors Can Help Improve Curb Appeal

By Stefon Miller