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6 Ways To Transform a Home With European Flair

By Stefon Miller | | 0 Comments

European style influences interior design trends with distinct aesthetics. The style caters to simple yet chic home designs that you can accomplish using different elements. Explore six ways to transform a home with a European flair for inspiration.

Incorporate Pastels or Neutral Hues

Modern interior design emphasizes monochromatic color palettes because “less is more.” The same motto applies to the European style. However, European color palettes have complex neutral hues. For example, Cardoso Sandstone is a complex version of dark grey. So, incorporate pastels and neutral hues with distinct shades.

Add Reclaimed Beams

Reclaimed beams mimic European farmhouses and give properties a rustic yet Euro ambiance that many homeowners love. Use dark woods (like solid oak or cherry) for reclaimed beams because they’re visually appealing. The material adds depth and character to homes while supporting simplistic construction.

Install European-Style Interior Doors

Modify and improve the appeal of homes with European interior doors. The fixtures exude luxury and elegance as they seamlessly complement other design elements. Besides their beauty, European-style doors have solid core construction that makes them robust. The doors are available in different designs to fit the overall appearance of homes. For example, French glass doors pair well with French interior design. It’s all about showcasing aesthetics through the simplest details.

Consider Exposed Piping

Before drywall could conceal shower plumbing, most homes had exposed piping in bathrooms. Modern properties can reminisce on this old-time, European ambiance by purposely exposing bathroom piping. Brass pipes offer a European feel that complements white ceramic tile.

Choose European-Style Furniture

European-style furniture can transform a home with European flair. The furniture is known for its innovative design, excellent structure, and timeless fabric. It also mixes and matches styles for simple yet elegant aesthetics. Generally, European style embraces subtlety rather than overly trendy or flashy styles like North American furniture. The practical design investments add visual interest to homes and further emphasize European aesthetics.

Integrate Handmade Light Fixtures

European craftsmen were important parts of communities, especially during the 14th century. They made household items like doors and furniture. However, companies took over craftsmanship and handmade pieces were scarce.

Bring back historical craftsmanship with handmade light fixtures. The artisan fixtures showcase bold curves, unique shapes, and intricate details with glass or crystal material. This practical yet decorative element can transcend spaces and offer a unique appearance for rooms.

By Stefon Miller